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The Widowmaker returns: Porsche’s next 911 GT2 RS might get 700 horsepower

2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS
David Kiss/Top Speed
Porsche may be preparing an even more extreme variant of the monstrous 911 Turbo called GT2 RS, a new report finds.

The GT2 RS moniker was last used six years ago on an evolution of the 997-series 911 that was quickly nicknamed “The Widowmaker.” The next-gen model will allegedly launch with a 3.8-liter flat-six engine rated at nearly 700 horsepower and about 550 pound-feet of torque thanks to the use of two massive turbochargers. With 160 ponies more than the standard 911 Turbo, the GT2 RS is expected to hit 60 mph from a stop in less than 2.9 seconds — a figure that will make it at least as fast as the Lamborghini Centenario — and go on to a top speed of nearly 200 mph.

The six’s jaw-dropping output will be channeled to the rear wheels only, a configuration that ensures the GT2 RS will provide a lively driving experience. What remains to be seen is whether the RS will be offered with a manual transmission, a dual-clutch automatic unit, or both.

Not content with merely adding more power, Porsche will give the GT2 RS a specific body kit and track-tuned suspension components borrowed from the GT3 RS. An unofficial rendering provided by Top Speed gives us a preview of what it might look like. It will be lighter than the Turbo, too, thanks to the use of lightweight materials and a more basic cabin.

Porsche hasn’t explicitly confirmed that a new 911 GT2 RS is in the works, but the company hasn’t denied the rumors, either. Speaking to British magazine Auto Express, Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger recently hinted that “a car like the GT2 RS makes most sense toward the end of the life cycle of each model.” In other words, the GT2 RS might not arrive until later next year. When it lands, it will take the form of an exclusive limited-edition model that’s expected to cost markedly more than the nearly $160,000 Turbo.

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