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Mercedes-Benz will introduce something electric at the 2019 Frankfurt show

The biennial Frankfurt Auto Show gives German automakers an unrivaled chance to shine because it’s held on their home turf. Mercedes-Benz will take advantage of being in the spotlight to introduce a concept car named EQS developed to preview an upcoming model. While details remain under wraps, we already know the design study is electric.

“The EQ story continues,” Mercedes wrote. EQ is the nameplate under which the German firm groups all of its electric models. We’ve already seen the EQC crossover, and the EQA hatchback is right around the corner. Teaser images suggest the third installment takes the form of a relatively big, low-slung sedan characterized by a fastback-like roofline.

Its front end remains shrouded in secrecy, but it seemingly falls in line with other EQ-badged concepts thanks to a light-up Mercedes star, and thin LED headlights. It’s the S-Class of the EQ family, so it needs to stand out in a crowd without being too loud.

Big sedans normally need big engines, which take up a considerable amount of space. Electric motors take up less room than a piston-powered engine, so interior designers were able to carve out a living room-like space decked out with the high level of technology Mercedes is known for. The EQS offers four seats, and individual touch screens installed in the door panels keep the occupants connected. It’s reasonable to assume the concept offers some degree of autonomous driving, too.

While technical specifications remain under wraps, we’re expecting that a huge, lithium-ion battery pack will zap a pair of electric motors into motion. The EQS will offer over 400 miles of range, and lightning-quick acceleration — in theory, at least. It’s still a concept, so its specs will come from computer simulations, not real-world tests.

If our crystal ball speaks the truth, the production car previewed by the next Mercedes-Benz concept will slot at the very top of the EQ range when it goes on sale in the early 2020s. It won’t replace the S-Class, however. The historic flagship of the company’s lineup will get a complete overhaul during the 2021 model year. It will return with piston-powered four-, six-, and eight-engines, and a long list of tech features that will carry it well into the 2020s.

Updated 9-5-2019: Added information about the interior.

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