What’s better than a DeLorean on Back to the Future Day? This gold one by 3M

The DeLorean DMC-12 may not have been a great car by normal standards, but it sure knew how to make an entrance. Its brushed stainless steel body and gull-wing doors were as eye-catching in the 80s as they are today, but there’s an ultra-rare special edition that is even more arresting.

Ahead of Christmas 1980, DeLorean Motor Company partnered with American Express to build 100 gold-plated DMC-12s for its gold card members; however, only three of the 24-Carat models were actually produced. Now, you can make your own courtesy of 3M.

As shown in the time-lapse video above, the multinational conglomerate adorned a DeLorean with a special Midas-approved wrap for Back to the Future Day, which not only celebrates the 30th anniversary of the original film, but is the date Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer Parker traveled to in Back to the Future II. The striking finish comes by way of 3M’s 1080 wrap, which comes in a variety of brushed metal, carbon fiber, and standard paint finishes. 35 years ago, the gold DeLoreans went on sale for $85,000.

3M also fitted the vehicle with its Wheel Weight System — one the brand says improves ride quality and gas mileage — as well as its Crystalline Series Automotive Window Film. For a closer peek at the DeLorean project, take a look at the brand’s delightfully campy 80s video below.

Back to the Future Day has been a big event for a multitude of companies thus far. Volvo teased its “time machine” concept ahead of the 2015 LA Auto Show, and Toyota used the occasion to debut its retro-themed 2016 Tacoma. The truck is inspired by the 1985 Toyota Hilux that McFly lusted after in Back to the Future, and it features backdated headlights and taillights, custom off-road suspension, 1985 mudflaps, and the iconic “Toyota” badge out back.

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