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The world’s most expensive RV includes a fireplace, bar and ‘Sky Lounge’

Talk about sticking out at the trailer park.

The world’s spendiest RV has just been sold, and its new home is the place where cops drive Bugatti Veyrons: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Motor Authority is reporting that this monstrous mobile home, the 40-foot-long EleMMent Palazzo, was bought for a cool $3 million by a customer in Dubai. We know RVs can be expensive, but what exactly do you get for such a ridiculous asking price?

Well, its not exactly good looks; the Palazzo kind of looks like a lunchbox that melted in the sun for a few hours. It’s obviously not a performer either (although it can reach speeds of 93 mph), so let’s hope the engineers at Marchi Mobile, the Austrian company that built the Palazzo, didn’t skimp on creature comforts … they didn’t.

Inside, there are two levels that feature an enormous master bedroom (with an ensuite lavatory), a fireplace, underfloor heating, 40-inch TV, and onboard bar. There’s also a pop-up ‘Sky Lounge’ terrace, complete with its own cocktail lounge.

For the rare moment when you need to exit your mobile ivory tower, you can monitor and adjust the Palazzo’s lighting and temperature via a wireless control unit. Remote video access allows you to show off your yacht-on-wheels to friends, without letting their peasant folk garb spread dirt on your marble floors.

As if it wasn’t ostentatious enough already, the nightmarishly capitalized EleMMent was covered in gold before it was painted. It can also clean itself, somehow.

As Marchi Mobile says, “You can go wherever the sun takes you, but all the while outshine everything.”

A mobile home worth more than all the homes on your street? Only in Dubai.

(Photos via Marchi Mobile)

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