More power, you say? Alfa Romeo planning 270-horsepower 4C?

Fiat-owned Alfa Romeo is reportedly developing a more powerful version of the mid-engined 4C.

The upgraded 4C will likely wear the Quadrifoglio Verde moniker, a name used on many hot-rodded Alfas over the past few decades. Rumors indicate it will pack a 270-horsepower evolution of the standard 4C’s turbocharged 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine. The extra 30 ponies will allow the featherlight 4C to hit 60 mph from a stop in less than 4.5 seconds, positioning it within a stone’s throw of the Porsche Boxster S in terms of acceleration.

Bigger brakes on all four corners and a stiffer suspension setup will help the driver make the most of the turbo four. However, the 4C Quadrifoglio Verde will remain a bare-bones, back-to-the-basics machine that will eschew modern niceties such as power steering and a touch screen-based infotainment system.

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Visually, the Quadrifoglio Verde will be distinguishable from a stock 4C thanks to additional air vents in front of the rear wheels, deeper side skirts, new exhaust pipes and a redesigned front bumper with larger air intakes on either side. Verde-specific paint colors and Alfa’s heritage-laced four-leaf clover emblem will round out the exterior updates.

WorldCarFans speculates the Alfa Romeo 4C Quadrifoglio Verde will be presented to the public for the first time at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. The publication also points out the Verde could spawn a long-rumored, track-only version of the 4C that would be eligible to participate in a wide variety of motorsport events all around the globe.

While Alfa Romeo has not officially commented on the rumors, CEO Harald Wester hinted last June that “there is space” to squeeze more power out of the 4C’s four-banger.

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