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Apple to buy Tesla? Rumors fly after Apple execs, Elon Musk have super-secret meeting

apple execs elon musk super secret meeting tesla dash

Everybody loves secret meetings.

Secret meetings are even better when they involve two of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley: Apple and Tesla Motors. They’re a mysterious and exciting duo, to say the least. So what exactly transpired at this undercover meeting?

There has been much speculation. Some whispers indicate Apple is mulling acquiring the upstart eco-car company, including a report by

The buyout would seem like a great idea for Apple, which is struggling to produce the kind of innovation seen during the Steve Jobs-era, and has been looking to expand out of the consumer electronics market.

But an acquisition wouldn’t make much sense for Tesla, with its stock price rocketing in the past year and the eagerly awaited release of the Model X SUV. However, friends in extremely high places with a track records for ground-breaking innovation are always nice to have.

A more realistic – albeit though dull – theory speculates that the two companies are combining forces in a new battery factory. Tesla recently announced such a battery plant, claiming the new units will more than double gigawatt battery global output. Funnily enough, these new batteries are the same type used by Apple, as reported by

The secret meeting comes after months of Tesla recruiting of former Apple employees such as Kristin Paget and an increase in Apple acquisitions, leading speculation to run wild with this Justice League-like meeting uncovered.

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