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Apple Maps’ new EV feature aims to eliminate range anxiety

Range anxiety is still a thing for some owners of electric vehicles (EVs), and Apple wants to help.

Launching in the fall as part of iOS 14, Apple Maps will offer iPhone-owning drivers a new EV-routing feature that aims to make it a lot easier to plan stops to recharge your car’s battery.

The software will track your current vehicle charge and even take into account things like elevation to work out the best time and place to stop. The upcoming feature will also know which type of charger works for your car, enabling it to route you to a compatible station.

For the features to work to their full potential, Apple needs to work with automakers, with BMW and Ford already liaising with the tech giant to help make it happen. More are expected to sign up soon. If you want to know more about Apple’s features, you can check out our guide on what Apple CarPlay is.

For all drivers, Apple said it will be adding icons to Maps showing speed cameras and red-light cameras to warn drivers as they approach — a feature that’s been on Google Maps for some time.

Another boost for Apple’s once-lambasted Maps app is coming in the form of directions tailored to cyclists (yes, Google Maps has long had this covered, too). Available at launch for select cities such as New York and San Francisco, the feature lets you simply tap in your destination to find the best route using bike lanes, paths, and roads. Elevation, busy streets, stairs, and steep passages will also be highlighted to help you better plan your journey.

Finally, a new Guides recommendation is also coming to Maps that aims to surface great ideas for places to visit when you arrive at a new location.

Apple made the announcements at its annual WWDC event, which kicked off on Monday, June 22. The coronavirus pandemic means that the developer conference is an online-only event for the first time in its history.

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If you’re a longtime Google Maps user but want to know what Apple has been doing to spruce up its Maps app in recent years, Digital Trends has a useful comparison piece.

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