First Aston Martin Vulcans delivered to owners at Yas Marina

First Aston Martin Vulcans delivered

The first group of Aston Martin Vulcan owners recently got their cars, but the process is a bit more involved than simply handing over a set of keys and signing paperwork.

Because the Vulcan’s performance may be a bit too intense for the average driver, these owners were sent to Abu Dhabi to get some instruction on the Yas Marina circuit. They got some track time in the less-extreme Vantage V12 S road car and Vantage GT4 race car, before heading out in their own Vulcans with instructors.

If there was ever a car that required special measures like this, it’s the Vulcan. Aston’s answer to dedicated track cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K and McLaren P1 GTR, isn’t road legal, and doesn’t meet the rules of any racing series either. It’s just stupid fast.

The Vulcan’s 7.0-liter V12 produces 820 horsepower, which Aston says gives the car a better power-to-weight ratio than its Vantage GTE racers. It features a front-mid engine layout to provide some continuity with Aston’s more mainstream production models, but with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and, of course, that other-worldly styling.

Only 24 Vulcans will be built, priced at around $2.3 million each. Aston set up a special production facility in England’s West Midlands to handle the work. A small, dedicated team of workers was recruited for what, given the limited production run, is presumably a short-term job.

And proving that even an ultra-rare, high-performance supercar can’t hold the attention of the wealthy for very long, a Vulcan is already apparently up for sale. One showed up in the inventory of Cleveland Motorsports a couple of weeks ago, with a price tag of $3.4 million. Whether second-hand buyers get the full Vulcan training course is unclear but, if they don’t, get ready to see this car on fire on YouTube in the near future.