Audi A3 now puts cost savings for gas at driver’s fingertips

Audi Refuelling StopA new Audi online service seeks to help alleviate the stress associated with trying to find the least expensive gas while on the road.

The service, called Refueling Stop, uses the Audi Connect system’s online data base to find the cheapest prices at filling stations.

Audi’s A3 lineup are the first vehicles to offer the service. Beginning in May, it will be offered for all models with Audi connect.

Using the online database, the service provides a list of the cheapest filling stations at the current location, at the driver’s destination, or at a location the drivers chooses to select. The driver can then sort the overview list by price or distance.

Once a location has been identified, the driver simply clicks a button to select a gas station as a navigation destination.  The Refueling Stop system also considers the type of fuel different Audi vehicles use  when identifying the filing stations.  

The service requires MMI Navigation plus and the optional online Bluetooth car phone or the Audi connect option in the A3 models.
Audi Connect denotes all applications and developments that connect Audi models to their owner, the Internet, the infrastructure, and other vehicles.  Audi’s web-based services also include online traffic information that displays real-time traffic conditions along the selected route and suggests appropriate detours when necessary.