Leaked sketches hint at a sleeker Audi A8 with blazing Matrix Beam LED headlights

audi sketches reveal sleeker a8 update refreshed3

The Frankfurt Auto Show, which happens only ever other year, is just around the corner, and the latest and greatest from the European automotive world will be on display there in mid-September.

The sketched beauty you see above is believed to be the refreshed 2016 Audi A8, which will be debuting in Frankfurt next month – according to Autocar.

Audi A8 refreshed2

While the front and rear fascias will be updated, most of the changes will be found underneath the re-worked bodywork, including engine modifications – likely for both power and efficiency.

On the technical front, the 2016 A8 will receive Audi’s LED Matrix Beam lighting system for the first time. Sadly for us Americans, however, we will not see the innovative lighting technology, as it is technically illegal – at the moment. Audi assures us, however, that it is working closely with federal regulators to tweak the law to allow the new lighting tech.

Audi A8 refreshed

Audi is likely scrambling to keep up with the all-new 2014 Mercedes S-Class, which debuted in May. Will mild tweaks to the aging A8 steer buyers away from Mercedes showrooms? We’ll have to see.

Audi promises the official pictures of the refreshed A8 will be revealed next Wednesday so be sure to check back for official photos and details.

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