BMW delays the high-riding X4 M performance ‘SAV’ until 2017


The BMW X4 is made for a very specific person. This customer wants an SUV, but doesn’t like the X3 or the X5. This person also wants a coupé, but doesn’t feel a 2 or 4 series fits their needs. Sounds like a hard person to shop for, doesn’t it? Not for BMW.

The X4 fits into the “Sports Activity Coupé” category along with esteemed peers like the Acura ZDX, the Honda Crosstour, and the beloved Pontiac Aztek. As we said in April, the X4 “seems intent on answering questions no one asked.”

Despite that, BMW sold 5,549 X6s in 2013, which is essentially a larger version of the X4. Clearly, there is money to be made with these types of vehicles, and you know what that means.

An M version is coming. Just not as soon as you think.

The President of BMW’s M Division, Friedrich Nitschke, had this to say in an interview with Drive. 

“At the moment we are developing the new X5 M and X6 M, and we will launch these next year,” he said. “The X4 is the sportiest version of the X3 and in the future maybe we will bring [an M version], but we won’t be doing it in this model cycle.”

 The reason for the delay isn’t related to demand, he says. It’s simply a matter of resources and timing. 

“I think in parallel to bring an X4 M version we are fixed in our capacity of engineering resources and therefore at the moment it is difficult for us to develop a lot of real M cars.”

When it does arrive during the 2017 update, expect the X4 M to have plenty of gusto. Drive reports that it will likely house the 360 horsepower turbo in-line six from the M2.

We still don’t know where BMW is going with the Sport Activity Coupé category, but with that type of power, it looks like they’ll be going there quickly.