BMW aims to keep EV drivers juiced up with ParkNow mobile parking spot locator app

BMW ParkNow

BMW’s i Ventures seems weirdly preoccupied with parking solutions for its customers.

Recently, i Ventures, which is the venture capitol company of the BMW i brand, expanded its portfolio to include Park@MyHouse, Parkopedia, and now, ParkNow.

While the amassing of multiple parking assistants might seem strange on the surface, to us, it makes perfect sense: BMW doesn’t want drivers running down their i3 EV battery looking for parking.

If BMW can keep customers from ever nearing a scenario wherein their BMW i3 EV runs out of juice, it can stem the tide of bad press.

Imagine, without parking assistants like ParkNow, which allows drivers to find and pre-pay for off and on-street parking before they even leave on their trip, BMW can effectively limit the amount of energy used during any given trip. Plus, if the customer is pre-planning to park, they can choose a parking spot with an EV charger, further diminishing their chances of running out of EV range.

It’s rather brilliant.

But there is a drawback. As it stands, the reach of ParkNow is limited. It’s currently only offered in San Francisco. For San Franciscans, however, it’ll be a great asset. The ParkNow app is available in both the Apple and Andriod app stores and is clear and easy to use.

We think BMW is onto something with this clever plan and hope other automakers offering EVs will follow suit. If you want to make some money, though, start a similar service for your hometown and get i Ventures to buy you out.