Intelligent Laserlight and OLED technology? BMW is bringing the future to CES 2015

BMW Laserlight

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BMW is hoping to illuminate the path to the future.

The German brand will introduce its Organic Light concept at the event, which will display organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. The company also plans to unveil an intelligent version of its Laserlight system as well.

In case you didn’t know, OLEDs are an offshoot of LEDs where the light source is a thin organic film of hydrocarbon chains rather than a pointed array of bulbs. The design allows for a more uniform spread of light than LEDs, while still being electrically efficient.

Most existing OLEDs aren’t bright enough to replace LEDs in the headlights and brake lights, so they are generally relegated to taillight sections for now. They can be used to create exotic, progressive designs though, with individual modules activating separately in exciting new shapes and contours. Because they don’t need reflectors and other optics, they also take up less space in the boot.

You may already associate BMW with OLEDs because of the automaker’s 2014 Vision Future Luxury concept, but you can expect an improved version at the year’s CES.

In combination with the brand’s laser systems (they aren’t just for the Navy, you know), OLEDs could potentially be the next wave in automotive lighting.

Laserlight made its production debut with the i8 hybrid sports car, and it allows for an illumination range of up to 600 meters (1,968.5 feet). At this year’s CES, BMW will flaunt the technology’s integration with cameras, sensors, and driver assistance options, creating an ‘intelligent Laserlight system.’

The manufacturer didn’t go into great detail as to what specific products will be showcased at the electronics show, but we hear that BMW has a ton more planned. Stay tuned to our 2015 CES page for more updates.