Cadillac unveils CUE, a customized and intuitive luxury driving experience

“CUE will transform personal transportation by simply and efficiently integrating luxury design and instinctive technology with unparalleled levels of customized in-vehicle connectivity,” Don Butler, Vice President, Cadillac Marketing, announced at the CTIA Wireless Association’s Enterprise and Applications conference. 

But, what exactly is CUE? CUE, which stands for Cadillac User Experience is a customizable suite of infotainment, navigation, and communication tools that keeps you fully connected while driving. Those familiar with smartphone interfaces should have no problem acquainting themselves to CUE with its large, easy to target icons, vibrant LCD screen display, voice command capability, and overall simplified user-friendly design.

“For the tech-savvy, it’s everything you want it to be…for the tech-averse, its power is remarkably simple, intuitive and accessible,” Butler stated.

CUE will encompass an 8-inch LCD touchscreen that responds to a number of hand gestures you have become accustomed to — and with haptic feedback — buttons on the fully capacitive faceplate pulse when pressed and are able to acknowledge your commands, helping keep your eyes on the road. CUE will even feature a text-to-speech feature that will allow you to receive text messages via the system voice and send recorded text messages in return. There is even plans for future downloadable applications thanks to the “open” Linux software platform in use.

CUE is set to make its debut in the 2012 Cadillac XTS, and ATS luxury sedans and SRX luxury crossover.