CarVi’s dash cam doesn’t just record the road, it sends safety data to your phone

Dash cams, even those that connect to smartphones, are not uncommon these days. More rare, though, are products that can analyze video in real time and send important safety information back to the driver.

One such example is CarVi, a driver’s assistant that is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

How does this hockey puck-shaped device work? CarVi uses a windshield-mounted, single-lens camera to record the road, then sends video to Android or iOS phones via on-board Wi-Fi.

The CarVi app then uses an algorithm to monitor the film, warning the driver of unsafe following distances and sudden lane changes with audio and visual alerts.

It even keeps tabs on jackrabbit starts, hard braking, and reckless motoring, providing the user with a map of previous journeys, a daily driving ‘SKOR,’ and suggestions to improve skills behind the wheel.


CarVi began development back in 2010 and records in 720p HD. The unit includes an embedded 3D G sensor, microphone, and Wi-Fi dongle, and supports up to a 64GB Micro SD card. The device measures 100mm in diameter and weighs 250 grams, or just over a half-pound.

CarVi’s crowdfunding campaign kicked off on February 4th, and has raised $35,961 of its $100,000 goal at the time of this writing. The company has until March 20th, 2015 to raise the full amount.

There are various rewards (Indiegogo calls them ‘perks’) associated with different levels of financial contribution. They include a branded T-shirt for $25, a CarVi pre-order for $249, and a ‘Hacker’s Choice’ development kit for $499.

Bundled with the CarVi unit itself, the ‘Hacker’s Choice’ option will allow you to customize the device to your liking depending on your level of programming savvy.