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Corvette Stingray owners can now option on Z06 performance upgrades

Corvette with Z06 Parts
Chevrolet Corvette with Z06 upgrades Image used with permission by copyright holder
The C7 Corvette Stingray has more than proven its one of the best performance cars available for the money, but when Chevrolet revealed the 650 horsepower Z06, many Stingray owners began driving in a long shadow.

Finally, Chevrolet has a bone to throw those who want a factory upgrade without going broke: parts right off the Z06. If power isn’t your primary concern, Chevy gives owners a different way to mimic the Z06’s handling chops, which exceed the Z51 Performance package’s brakes and suspension tuning.

Available for 2016 model year Corvettes (base or Z51-spec) are performance accessories like an improved cooling system, prop shafts, brakes, suspension components, underbody braces, and aerodynamic kits. Notably absent are power upgrades, but should you need more than the C7’s stout 460 horses, you can either seek the tuning expertise of Callaway, Hennessey, and other shops, or shell out the extra money for the Z06.

Chevrolet debuted Z06-enhanced Stingrays at the Ron Fellows driving school at Spring Mountain Raceway near Las Vegas. The school is a technical partner with Chevrolet and the track will host a C7 Corvette spec racing series called the Michelin Corvette Challenge.

Corvette Series
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Each vehicle that competes in the 15-race series will be stock with the exception of racing tires and will sport the new Z06 upgrades. For those interested in competing, the series will offer a unique payment plan that lets racers pay in installments over the length of the season and bring their Corvette’s home at the season’s end.

Pricing for the performance upgrades has yet to be revealed, but considering how (relatively) affordable Chevrolet’s Z51 package is, the Z06-derived improvements shouldn’t break the bank. The only real downside for enthusiasts is that the next time you spot what appears to be a Z06 roaming the streets, it may be a standard C7 in disguise, so listen carefully for that supercharger to be sure!

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