Leave it to the Japanese to create the most terrifying ad for tires … ever

clip ring terrifying japanese ad tires autoway tire screen cap

If you don't buy good tires, you too may face demon children.

Despite our claims that we at Digital Trends rarely cover advertisements; here is another. Though, I think you will agree after watching it that this is no typical ad.

Japanese tire retailer Autoway has decided that its normal ads just aren’t getting the job done. So it has decided to take a cue from Japan’s infamous horror film industry to scare the living Christ out of its customers.

Now, on the one hand I get it. The ad is tapping into our primal fear of car accidents by setting a snowy driving scene.

But on the other hand … “Good lord! That’s a terrifying, mutilated child!” When I first watched it, I knew something was coming but I still jumped back in my seat and my dog came charging in from the other room to kill whatever was attacking me.

I don’t speak Japanese so I am not entirely sure about the text, but I am guessing that the little girl is saying that she will now kill us because her parents didn’t buy good enough tires to save her.

This is a potent, if downright low, advertising message. However, I must say that after watching this, I was not thinking about buying tires, but instead: guns, swords, and home exorcism kits.

So really, send me more ads with Jean Claude Van Damme or SRT Vipers. And Autoway Tires, you can go to hell. If nothing else, you need to drop your monster child off there.