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Sea-Tac travelers can now park-and-fly or fly-and-drive with Car2g0

daimler car2go sea tac airport in seattle
Car2go now has a parking facility at Seattle’s Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) Airport. Starting today Daimler’s Car2go point-to-point car-share vehicles can be parked at or picked up from the airport’s WallyPark facility.

Car2go is the second car-share venture to give members park-and-fly service at Sea-Tac. BMW’s ReachNow added Sea-Tac parking in August at the same WallyPark Premier Garage Car2go is using. ReachNow has 30 allocated spots in the garage for its members.

Car2go started service in Seattle in 2012. The Washington city is the largest of its nine U.S. locations. Car2go service is also available in New York City; Portland, Oregon; Columbus, Ohio; San Diego, California; the Twin Cities in Minnesota; Denver, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Washington, D.C.

With Car2go, you use the program’s app to locate the nearest car, claim it, and go. You can also reserve a parked car up to 30 minutes in advance. When you park in a designated spot or public parking spot within the “home” area, you just park the vehicle, lock it, and walk away. Members are charged only while driving. For an unspecified, limited time, Car2go charges in Seattle are being reduced to $0.35 per minute (regularly $0.41), $10.00 per hour (regularly $14.99), and $50 per day (regularly $85).

You can park a Car2go vehicle at Sea-Tac in one of 10 designated spots on the entrance level of the WallyPark garage at 18613 International Boulevard. Each designated spot has enough space for two Car2go cars. If the spaces are full you can park in any unreserved spot.

If you fly into Sea-Tac and want to use a Car2go car, open the app and reserve a car after you land. WallyPark shuttles run every 5 minutes, but be sure to take the one marked “Premier Garage” or “Garage.”

The Sea-Tac Car2go service will usually charge an additional $5 airport fee, but Car2go is waiving the fee through October 15.

If you’re hauling a lot of luggage or traveling with more than one other person, Car2go probably isn’t a great solution. The Smart Fortwo cars used with Car2g0 are small, after all. For one or two people flying in or out of Seattle without many bags, however, Car2go just added another flexible on-demand option.

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