Dash-cam drama: Car’s camera captures driver’s lucky escape from huge boulder

dash cam captures drivers lucky escape boulder

Dash cams are a growing sector of the tech market, with more and more drivers choosing to video their journeys in case of incident, accident, or dodgy insurance claim.

However, it’s safe to assume that when Lai Hong-wei fixed up his own dash cam, he never in a million years imagined he’d film the moment a boulder the size of a small house came tumbling off a mountain during a major landslide before coming to rest just a few meters from the car in front. If Lai did imagine the event, then I really need to speak to him about the next big lottery rollover. The dramatic incident (below) took place on a coastal road in northern Taiwan over the weekend.

Truth be told, despite the boulder not crashing down on the car in front of Wei’s, it was still pretty beat up by the rest of the crap coming off the mountain. Miraculously, however, its two occupants were able to walk free with only minor injuries. Had that rock decided to acquaint itself with the car, this clearly would not have been the case.

Dash-mounted cameras have been around for years, proving especially useful for cops and the like. More recently, with the video quality of such devices improving and prices dropping, an increasing number of regular drivers are making them part of their in-car setup.

Of course, most dash-cam snippets worth watching end up on YouTube, with the full range offered, from the amusing (though for the cows it wasn’t) to the incredible to the utterly terrifying.

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