The Speedback GT will cost $753,000 and demand a love of British Heritage

David Brown Automotive isn’t exactly the most recognizable name in the automotive world, yet when it launches its Speedback GT in the U.S., it will retail for $753,000, a price tag that demands a reputation.

So how does David Brown Automotive expect buyers to fork over roughly double what they’d pay for a Lamborghini Aventador? Well, the Speedback GT has classic British style with firebreathing V8 power, so that’s counts for something.

The Speedback GT will actually have been on sale in Europe for a whole year by the time it’s shown to Americans at the exclusive Quail Motorsports Gathering. The U.K.-designed and built model is based on the Jaguar XKR with styling distinctly inspired by the Aston Martin DB5.

Interestingly, the appeal of the Speedback GT is something Americans should be familiar with: restoration-mods. The desire to take a classically styled vehicle and modernize its performance and technology is the reason so many American muscle cars have upgraded suspensions and brakes, rebuilt motors, and refined interiors.

So if the concept will resonate with some Americans, does the Speedback GT have enough to offer that will justify its steep price tag? That will all come down to how badly ultra rich collectors love the looks of the DB5 and simply must have a supercharged 5.0 liter V8 engine that is capable of hitting 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

David Brown, the automaker’s CEO believes the right buyer loves Britain and exclusivity: “This car appeals to anybody who desires a truly individual sports car, which can boast a fine British pedigree and which will only be produced in limited numbers.”

Should the Speedback GT’s 510 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque prove to attract buyers (if the whole “British-loving thing isn’t enough), they’ll have to wait until after its August 10 reveal to write the insanely large check.

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