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David Brown, creator of the 007-approved Speedback GT, foresees new projects

David Brown is a busy man. His low-volume automotive firm, DBA, announced the stunning Speedback GT earlier this year, and the wheels are already turning toward a new project.

“We’re not yet ready to say what kinds of cars we’ll produce after the GT, but they will definitely be consistent with the Speedback’s cost and quality,” Brown told Autocar.

Brown is committed to the idea of manufacturing more cars, building off the tenants that made the Speedback GT special. Production needs to get off the ground first, though.

“We believe there are some good opportunities,” he continued, “but we have plenty to do organizing a production run of up to 100 Speedbacks.”

One thing we can predict is that future DBA vehicles will probably use the GT’s Aston Martin DB5-esque front fascia as a starting point. Brown reportedly had his designers create the grill specifically so it could be integrated into future models.

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The Speedback’s front end is a clear homage to the iconic DB5, famously driven by none other than Sean Connery’s James Bond. Daniel Craig recently drove one in Skyfall, but it met its grisly end after an unfortunate incident with an attack helicopter.

The rear has the vertical, stoplight-style taillights from the DB5 as well, but the cockpit’s gentler rake and bowed trunk give it a more modern look. A similar taillight design was also used on the Ferrari 250 GTEs of the early ‘60s.

Underneath the retro bodywork is the chassis of a modern Jaguar XK, which houses a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that makes 510 horsepower.

Clearly, this car’s character is a throwback to the classics of old, but it has its own unique, cherry-picked charm. The looks of a legendary Bond car? Check. The power of a hot Jag? The exclusivity of a low volume dealer? Check. Speaking of checks…

The Speedback GT, as you may have guessed, isn’t cheap. It runs £495,000 before local taxes, which translates to a hefty $825,000 and some change.

Very few of us will ever see that kind of money, but as a famous DB5 driver once said, “Never say never.”

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