Despite its elegant good looks, the Aston Martin DBC concept will remain a dream

There are concept cars and then there are concept cars. What’s the difference? You could argue that the former delivers a good bit of buzz and excitement and nothing more, while the latter should – if the gods weren’t so cruel – cause the intended automaker to drop everything, take notice, and bring the darn thing to life.

The Aston Martin DBC concept falls soundly into the latter category.

The creative effort of Azerbaijani designer Samir Sadikhov, the DBC concept is bold, beautiful, and by all intents and purposes, looks right at home leading the line and replacing the out of production One-77 as Aston Martin’s extreme performance halo car.

As Sadikhov told automotive publication Carscoops, “the design direction of the DBC was to make the car look like a muscular athlete wearing a tailor-made suit.” Indeed, mission accomplished it would seem.

With a balance of confidence and beauty, the DBC concept is instantly recognizable as an Aston Martin, even if it is an unofficial concept. It’s sleek, sexy, and retains a distinct character that is undeniably Aston Martin without relying heavily on egregious styling cues that checker the British automaker’s vaunted past. In fact, other than the traditional grill, side strikes, and Aston Martin logo up front, the DBC possesses a unique quality all its own – no easy task when designing a concept car.

And while we could go on and on about the front-end, it’s actually the car’s rear-end that has us smitten. Borrowing ever so slightly from the One-77’s neat tail, the DBC concept’s rear design is, like the rest of the car, relatively simple and ever so elegant.

While it’s highly unlikely the DBC concept will ever see the light of day, Sadikhov’s stellar design is one of the sharper concepts we’ve seen lately.

We’ll definitely keep our fingers crossed, but we won’ hold our breath.

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