Don’t look now, Rick Ross, but Mercedes may bring back your beloved Maybach

mercedes bringing maybach back billionaires everywhere rejoice

I never understood why the Maybach was so popular. It looks about as excited as a bowl of cottage cheese.

For a little while there, it looked as if rappers like Rick Ross and Jay Z would have to start massaging ‘Pullman’ or simply ‘S-Class’ into their songs, after Maybach, the highest end Mercedes-Benz brand, was quietly sent out to pasture.

Now, though, the world’s most successful hip-hop wordsmiths might not have to reshuffle words after all: Mercedes just may bring back Maybach.

For 2014, Mercedes was going to simply replace the Maybach with a flagship S600 Pullman model. Instead the Maybach moniker could be used on the top-end Sonderklasse, according to Auto Guide.

Despite the opinion of many automotive journalists, who contended there were far superior luxurious options for the global elite, the Maybach became the darling of high rollers everywhere. Everyone from CIA Head George Tenant to Kanye West cruised the countryside in the big-body Benz.

What the next-gen Maybach could look like – or when it would go on sale – is still unknown. I know for certain, though, what ever it is; it’ll look better than the now discontinued Maybach. That thing was far too boring to be considered so cool. I’d rather have a Rolls-Royce any day of the week.

While the hip-hop literati await the reveal of their next darling, they can squirrel away some more cash, as the new Maybach will certainly be more expensive than its predecessor.

I’ll be sure to bring you more on the new Maybach as the news happens. So be sure to check back.