Ferrari allows potential customers to build 458 Spider online, cruelly teases the rest of us


Let’s be honest for a second; the overwhelming majority of us will probably never get to drive, let alone own, a Ferrari. But in a cool, or cruel depending on how you look at it, move on the Italian automaker’s part, Ferrari has provided would-be owners (dreamers in our case) the opportunity to fiddle with its online configurator for the 458 Spider.

Having recently launched, the Ferrari web tool allows potential customers the ability to totally spec out their roadster with all the amazing (read: expensive) accouterments one would need to select before sending off for that Maranello masterpiece of their own. The online configurator allows for a wide array of options for the 458 Spider like exterior color, rims, carbon fiber options, seat type, and whole lot more.

While it will likely be a long time before we can order our very own 458, thanks to Ferrari we can make sure we build it exactly the way we want it.

Head over to Ferrari’s site and try it out for yourself.