Camo-free Ferrari F12 Speciale photographed in Maranello, Italy

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Ferrari has been going to great lengths to ensure that the upcoming super-F12berlinetta stays under wraps until its official debut. However, the Prancing Horse let its guard down just long enough for a keen-eyed Tifosi to capture the coupe entirely camo-free in Maranello, Italy.

Tentatively dubbed F12 Speciale, the coupe stands out from the F12berlinetta thanks to styling cues such as carbon fiber air vents in the front fenders, heritage-laced vents on the rear wheel arches that pay homage to the 250 GTO, a bigger spoiler out back and a new rear bumper that incorporates a large diffuser. All told, the Speciale looks markedly more aggressive than the regular F12.

The Speciale will weigh about 440 pounds less than the stock F12 thanks to the use of thinner windows and lightweight body panels. Additionally, the cockpit will be stripped of every piece of equipment that’s deemed superfluous, including nearly all of the sound-deadening material, the carpet, and the infotainment system.

What will power the F12 Speciale is up in the air, but most sources agree that it will use an evolution of the F12berlinetta’s 6.3-liter V12 engine that will be tuned to deliver between 760 and 800 horsepower. Although the engine will remain naturally-aspirated, it could be linked to a LaFerrari-derived HY-KERS system. Regardless, the extra power and the massive weight reduction will allow it to reach 62 mph from a stop in less than three seconds.

Enthusiast website GT Spirit believes the F12 Speciale will make its official debut alongside the 488 Spider at the Frankfurt Motor Show that will open its doors next month, while British magazine Autocar speculates that Ferrari isn’t planning on showing the car until next year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

If GT Spirit is correct, expect to hear a lot more about the Ferrari F12 Speciale — assuming that’s what it’s called — in the coming weeks. Whether it will land as a regular-production addition to the Ferrari family or as an exclusive limited-edition model is anyone’s guess.