Mamma mia! Watch a Ferrari test driver take the whole hypercar stable out for a spin

Every job has its perks. Movie theater employees get early screenings, sandwich makers get extra olives, and athletes get top-dollar sponsorships.

Working at Ferrari could be the best of the lot, providing you’re high enough on the food chain to reap the benefits. Dario Benuzzi, having been the brand’s test driver since 1969, definitely is.

In a new video, you can see Benuzzi going for a lovely drive in four Italian thoroughbreds, but they aren’t just any Ferraris.

The F40, F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari, the stars of the film, are four of the most prominent cars to ever come out of Maranello, though we’re partial to the 250 GTO ourselves.

“It gives you the chills and transmits emotions,” Benuzzi remarks as he whips the 478-horsepower turbocharged Berlinetta around the Fiorano test track. “Fantastica,” he says with a smile.

The F50, by contrast, develops a whopping 513 hp the old-fashioned way. “It expressed all of its potential, just like a F1, at higher revs,” Benuzzi explains over the vehicle’s muscular V12 soundtrack.

We move on to the stunning Enzo, “And now we’re already in the modern age,” says Benuzzi. The 6.0-liter V12 produces a still-spectacular 651 hp, and the car is remarkable as it slices through the turns like a scalpel.

Benuzzi’s track day is capped off by LaFerrari, the king of the stable and the only hybrid of the bunch. It looks a little alien compared to the rest of the lot, but with its 950 hp and ultra-stiff carbon fiber monocoque, it’s unquestionably the fastest.

At the end, all four racehorses are brought out for a victory lap, resulting in a visual only Maranello can provide. The fleet looks like it was driven out of a bedroom poster and sounds like a divine symphony, with the charisma to match.

“Each car has its meaning,” Benuzzi says.