Ford’s all new 2015 Edge offers more tech features than Batman’s utility belt

For 2015, Ford’s mid-size crossover is really living up to its name.

Ford announced the new Edge this week, and it’s chalk full of new designs, innovations, and technological aids. It’s clearly on the forefront of Ford’s technological capabilities. One might say it’s … cutting edge.

I’ll show myself out. 

When Ford says “all new”, it really means “all new”. The 2015 Edge’s engine, body design, suspension setup, and electronics are all fresh off the press. In fact, the new Edge offers almost every single technology Ford has in its enormous utility belt. 

The biggest highlights are the slew of driver aids available, such as active park assist, adaptive cruise control, collision warning with brake support, and the most interesting piece of tech, adaptive steering.

A standard feature on upper trim levels, adaptive steering actually alters the steering ratio, i.e. the number of lock-to-lock turns, depending on vehicle speed and conditions. At parking lot-level speeds, the Edge adjusts to a lower ratio, allowing the driver to maneuver around with fewer turns of the wheel. At freeway speeds, the opposite occurs, which gives the vehicle a smoother, more stable ride. The Edge is Ford’s first vehicle to feature adaptive steering.

The athletic body has been redesigned for 2015 as well, but since it’s based on the Fusion, the Edge is unfortunately only available in front-wheel-drive guise. Three engines, including a 300-plus horsepower Ecoboost V6, a 265-hp 3.5-liter V6, and a 245-hp Ecoboost four are all new for the Edge.

The suspension has been completely remade, too. 

The body’s high-strength alloys are supported by a MacPherson-type front suspension layout at the vehicle’s bow; the rear wears an independent integral-link setup. According to Judy Curran, Ford’s vehicle line director, this means a 26-percent increase in stiffness, but also less noise and vibration.

“With a structure more rigid than ever and a suspension tuned to the highest global standards, the 2015 Edge is a high-tech utility that delivers a special driving experience customers will feel from their first moments behind the wheel,” she said.

Other high-tech features include a gas-saving Start-Stop function, assisted lane-keeping, active grill shutters, and cross-traffic alerts. 

Ford hasn’t released pricing on the next generation yet, but don’t expect it to stray too far from the current gen’s $28,100 base price. The 2015 Edge goes on sale in spring of next year.