Ford Focus Electric pictures – a plug-in EV that charges twice as fast as the Chevy Volt

Today, Ford is holding an event in New York City to show off its eco-friendly vehicle lineup and the centerpiece of the show is the new Ford Focus Electric. According to Ford, the new Focus has a better mile-per-gallon equivalent than the Chevrolet Volt and will be competitive with any other vehicle. As a completely gas-less, electric plug-in car, the Focus Electric has benefits and limitations. It comes with a charge inverter that can charge the car twice as fast as any other electric vehicle we’ve seen. Using the charging station, you can charge the car in 3-4 hours. More specifically, it can charge up to 6.6 Kilowatts per hour. The lithium ion battery pack holds about 23 Kilowatts of power, which should get you about 100 miles on a charge.

Most of the high-end Ford features come standard on the Electric due to its high price (about $40,000, though there’s a $7,500 government rebate for buying an electric car). MyFord Touch with Microsoft Sync, fancy seats made of recycled pop bottles, and a cool MyFord Mobile app that lets you monitor your charging and car from anywhere, are all included. Check out our hands-on video of the MyFord Mobile app

The Focus Electric will hit shelves before the end of the year (sounds like December) and is the first of five Ford electric vehicles coming by 2013.

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