Watch (and hear) the Ford Focus RS conquer a coastal road in this TV spot

Due to its aggressive marketing campaign and heavily scrutinized buildup, we already know a lot about the new Ford Focus RS.

We know it’ll have a 2.3-liter, 315-horsepower EcoBoost engine, all-wheel drive, and a twin-clutch ‘Rear Drive Unit’ that sends power from side to side. We know that it’ll offer a six-speed manual, and even its ‘Drift Mode’ feature is no longer a secret. Now, we know how it’ll sound.

Yes, engine notes and exhaust tones may be completely irrelevant to the average car buyer, but as enthusiasts, we eat this stuff up.

Ford Europe has just released a new advertisement for the RS, which shows the blue hatching bombing through some mountain roads.

In the 56–second film, you get a good taste of the Focus’ raspy, fervent engine note, as well as the car’s flat handling dynamics.

The advertisement also lists the vehicle’s driving modes (Normal, Sport, Track, and Drift) the last of which we covered last week.

The Focus’ drift setting works in tandem with the electronic stability control system to keep the car in line even while sliding. While the driver is still responsible for piloting the car (unlike in this self-drifting BMW), the RS’ computers will step in if the yaw angle becomes too severe.

That said, the system was designed to encourage slippery driving, just with an electronic chaperone watching over the shoulders of learning drivers. For savvy drifters, the stability control can be turned off completely.

“It’s like [being] a trapeze artist,” explained Ford Performance Director Dave Pericak. “We’re going to put the safety net underneath you, but you’re still going to have to go up there and perform the stunts yourself.”