Garmin’s ‘nuviCam’ rolls dash cams, GPS, and driver-assist safety tech into one

Garmin nuviCam
Not long ago, dash cams were just that: cameras mounted on or around your vehicle’s dashboard that saved footage to an SD card.

Higher-end systems have added GPS navigation functions in recent years, giving positional context to the captured film.

A new device by Garmin takes the technology one step further by recognizing and analyzing threats that could compromise the driver’s (or anyone else’s) safety on the road.

The product in question is called the ‘nuviCam,’ and it bundles HD dash cam functionality with driver-assist features “typically found only in luxury vehicles,” the brand says.

Since the nuviCam is constantly recording, its software can detect both the home vehicle’s lane position and the distance to the car in front, offering Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning services. If an collision is unavoidable, the device recognizes it, saves the footage, and records the exact location with its onboard GPS. There’s even a feature called Snapshot that allows drivers to take still images of the damage.

Garmin nuviCam

“The nuviCam LMTHD goes beyond helping drivers get from Point A to Point B,” said Dan Bartel, VP of Garmin worldwide sales. “The intuitive driver-assist features not only lessen the stress of getting you to your destination, but the nüviCam also provides peace of mind in knowing that your commute is being recorded and can be referenced should you need it.”

The dash cam also equips something called Garmin Real Vision, which reads and displays hard-to-read house numbers on the 6-inch pinch-to-zoom screen, while also offering directional arrow prompts. It doesn’t stop there though, as Garmin has included an Up Ahead feature that informs the driver of nearby restaurants, rest stops, gas stations, speed limit changes, school zones, and more with preloaded Foursquare data.

The nuviCam is expected to go on sale in May for a suggested retail price of $399.99.

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