The world’s most powerful sedan bulks up: Meet the 805-hp Hennessey Charger Hellcat

For some people, 707 supercharged horsepower just isn’t enough. We call them crazy folk. We like crazy folk.

If you identify as one of those individuals, your unending thirst for power may be quenched soon enough. Famed tuner Hennessey has unveiled the HPE800 package for the Dodge Charger Hellcat, which boosts total output to a whopping 805 hp and an unnamed amount of torque. Why unnamed? They probably haven’t invented a machine strong enough to measure it yet.

Whatever the exact amount is, the extra grunt was sourced by way of a new electronic control module, an in-house tune, a high-flow air filter, a port-matched throttle body, and a new supercharger pulley to increase boost. The suped-up Charger was already the world’s most powerful production sedan, so Hennessey’s improvements will push the car — and physics — to the absolute limit. Although its top speed of 204 mph won’t likely change, with the HPE800, you’ll be able to get there a hell of a lot faster.

Outside of the smoking tires and the string of cops on your tail, there are a few subtle styling additions to distinguish the HPE800 from the standard Charger Hellcat. Outside, there isn’t much difference, but inside, the head rests have been embroidered with the Hennessey logo, the dash boasts a serial-numbered plaque, and various unique badges litter the cabin. For more insanity, Hennessey makes an HPE850 version with 852 hp.

As far as the standard car goes, Dodge is revisiting the 1970s with a new “Plum Crazy” paint job. Available on all 2016 model year Chargers and Challengers — from the base V6 SXTs all the way up to the range-topping Hellcat versions — Plum Crazy will ensure you won’t blend into the crowd. Anywhere. Ever.