Honda EV-STER revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, reminds us it can still do sporty

It’s a busy time of year for Honda. The Japanese automaker is hard at work unveiling many of its new concept cars for the Tokyo Motor Show currently underway. The latest concept to bear the familiar square H is the EV-STER, a rear-wheel drive electric roadster.

Featuring a pure electric drivetrain, the EV-STER is a flashy and sporty little number that boasts a 160-kilometer range (that’s just a sliver less than 100 miles), a 0-37 mph sprint time of 5.0 seconds and a top speed of 99 mph. It might not be a car you’ll be racing through the streets or highways, but one that would be plenty enjoyable around the city and suburbs.

Of course, the EV-STER is simply a concept at the moment, but we really like its design and form. The lights are aggressively edgy, and the contours of the chassis give us hope that Honda will deliver a sporty successor in the vein of S2000 sooner rather than later.