Is Porsche pondering more model lines on top of Macan SUV and 918 Spyder?

Porsche pondering more model lines on top of Macan SUV and 918 Spyder

In an attempt to further diversify its portfolio, German sports car maker Porsche is reportedly in the midst of deciding whether or not it will add two more models to its growing lineup of cars.

According to Automotive News, reports from Automobilwoche, a German sister publication to Automotive News Europe, claims that Porsche is mulling over whether or not give the green light on Project 960, a beastly V8-powered 600 horsepower mid-engine coupe intended to give Ferrari a run for its money.

In addition to a Ferrari-fighting supercar, talks of a smaller version of the Panamera sedan, known as the Pajun has been kicked around, but ultimately shelved for the time being.

Next year Porsche will launch its eagerly anticipated 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar which, according to the Stuttgart outfit, combines a 4.6-liter V8 engine with a twin electric motoring. In total the 918 Spyder should deliver over 770 horsepower all while elegantly sipping fuel.

Production for the Macan, a compact SUV designed to slot under the full-sized Cayenne, is slated to begin in 2014. However, the latest speculation centers on a second supercar reportedly the works in addition to a larger sedan set to rival that of BMW’s 5 Series sedan. Those excited about a possible new roadster will be disappointed to learn that Porsche has postponed Project 551. The smaller roadster was originally envisioned for 2014, but that looks unlikely with CEO Matthias Mueller indicating that it could take another generation of customers before such a model makes it to production.

Purists will no doubt cringe at the thought of new models making their way to the Porsche lineup, but if the Panamera and Cayenne have taught us anything, it’s that Porsche is more than capable of delivering vehicles outside of its traditional scope. Consider us thoroughly excited.