Jaguar throws you the keys to its classics with its Heritage Driving Experience

1961 Jaguar E-Type

Have you ever wondered how the modern-day Jaguar F-Type compares to the classic E-Type that inspired it? Now you can find out.

The Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience will allow a British fans to get behind the wheel of old cars from Jaguar’s private stash. With proper supervision, of course.

When the program starts next month, enthusiasts need only drop by Jag’s Fen End test facility in Warwickshire and plunk down between 100 and 300 pounds (about $160 to $480) to take some legendary cars for a test drive.

In addition to the E-Type, Jaguar will also make a Mark 2 saloon (sedan to us ‘Muricans) available, as well as rare XKSS and D-Type sports racers.

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Participants will also be able to pair the classics with they modern day equivalents. So you really can find out how far Jaguar has come in five decades by driving an E-Type and F-Type back-to-back, or spend some time in the Mark 2 and then switch to an XFR-S.

These drives will be limited to half-hour and hour-long sessions, but Jaguar will also offer a half-day “Le Mans Experience” and a full-day “Grace and Pace Pack,” the latter giving participants the opportunity to drive nine cars.

Pricing hasn’t been announced for these events, but more cars probably equals more cash. Still, the shorter sessions seem relatively affordable considering the rarity of some of the cars, and it’s pretty remarkable that Jaguar is making them available to the public in the first place.

Carmakers tend to keep their heritage collections under lock and key, or on static display in museums. Maybe a few of them will follow Jag’s lead and let the average motorists see what makes a car a classic for themselves.