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You’ve never seen a Rolls-Royce drive quite like this

Think of a Rolls-Royce and you think of comfort, elegance, and prestige. Think of the automaker’s Cullinan model and you have all those plus a darn exciting ride, according to a new video.

Rolls-Royce’s first all-terrain SUV certainly turned heads when it launched in 2018. Named after the largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered, the Cullinan will set you back at least $330,000 if you bought one today.

The luxury vehicle was recently spotted tearing across some sand dunes in the United Arab Emirates, the wild adventure caught in a stunning video (top) posted this week on YouTube. It’s certainly not your usual Rolls-Royce trip.

The 6,000-pound vehicle appears to make light work of the dunes, kicking up the sand in spectacular fashion as the highly able driver executes the kind of sweat-inducing maneuvers that would surely result in a ticket on any public road.

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Among the Cullinan’s many features you’ll find power-closing doors, a dual command center dashboard, entertainment displays for back-seat riders, headphone and USB ports, wireless device charging, a champagne chiller, an umbrella holder (yes, an umbrella holder), and self-leveling hubcaps to ensure the automaker’s iconic logo always shows just how it should.

The Cullinan SUV saw its first full year of sales in 2019. While some critics bashed it for being too large and too pricey, Rolls-Royce’s Cullinan nevertheless became the British automaker’s fastest-selling model.

“Luxury conveyance is no longer confined to an urban environment,” reads the message posted alongside the video. “As Rolls-Royce clients the world-over seek to conquer the most challenging terrains and enjoy life’s most enriching experiences, they wish to pursue this unbounded access in ultimate luxury.”

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