Jaguar has a surprise planned for Goodwood 2014 … perhaps an F-TYPE R-S?

It’s been just over a week since Jaguar Land Rover announced the formation of its Special Operations unit, but it’s already got a new model lined up.

This model will be some kind of Jaguar, and will debut at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed later this week.

Jaguar hasn’t given any indication of what kind of car it will unveil, but the brand is rumored to be working on an F-TYPE R-S hot rod model. With the impending departure of the XK, there’s now room for the F-TYPE line to grow, and that seems like a logical direction for it to take.

Plus, anyone who has seen the undeniably awesome XFR-S knows that it would be criminal for Jag to not give its two-seat coupe similar treatment.

Such a car would definitely fall within the domain of Special Operations. It was created to help Jaguar and Land Rover customers personalize their cars, but its mission brief also includes restoration and parts sales for vintage models, and pretty much anything too specialized for the normal production process.

The specialty division’s special Jaguar will be unveiled before the end of the week. Check out our Goodwood Festival of Speed hub for the latest updates.

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