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Jaguar Land Rover’s “Special Operations” division doesn’t fight terrorists, but it will build you a cool car

jaguar land rover special operations 2014 f type coupe

Apparently, world governments aren’t the only ones with special operations units.

Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations is a new division of the British carmaker that will focus on vehicle customization and atypical projects.

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These projects will include high-specification versions of Jaguar and Land Rover models, with extra performance, trim, or color options, as well as one-off commissioned vehicles. Want a Range Rover painted to patch your favorite artisanal mustard? You’ve got it.

Special Operations will also be in charge of heritage projects, including restorations and the creation and sale of replacement parts for classic cars.

Jaguar’s recent recreation of the 1963 Lightweight E-TYPE shows what the company can do in this department, and it would be cool to see more cars like it in the future. Who wouldn’t want to see a cloned XKSS or Series I Land Rover in showrooms?

To support this operation, Jaguar Land Rover will build a separate Technical Center in the U.K., and staff it with 150 employees. For manufacturers, at least, the car-customization business is booming.

It may have the coolest name of any bespoke operation, but Special Operations isn’t the first.

High-end carmakers like Aston Martin and Bentley are increasingly turning to personalization services as a way to cater to ultra-wealthy customers, who may want to try something different after filling their garages with off-the-rack cars.

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