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With Tile integration, your Jag or Land Rover can find those lost sunglasses

Jaguar Land Rover Tile integration
Have you ever gotten in your car only to realize you’ve forgotten something? That’s the kind of inconvenience Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) just won’t stand for. The British carmaker is adding Tile integration to its InControl Apps app suite, letting owners track items from their vehicles.

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Lots of car companies are adding third-party apps to their infotainment systems, but JLR says it’s the first to include Tile. The app lets users tag items with Bluetooth trackers, which makes finding easily lost things a bit less difficult. The average person spends 15 minutes a day searching for lost items, JLR claims.

Like other app integrations, using Tile with InControl Apps is meant to be as close as possible to using it on a smartphone. Instead of a phone, though, drivers use the central touchscreens and built-in controls so they can leave their phones stowed while on the move. JLR owners can create an “Essentials” list that is automatically checked when the app is activated. If an item is in the car, they can sound an alarm on the Tile tag to locate it.

There is no limit to the number of items that can be tracked, provided you have enough Tile tags. The total number of tags in circulation increased from two million to five million over the last six months, Tile CEO Mike Farley said in a statement announcing the tie-in with JLR.

The Tile app is available for download now, and is compatible with all Jaguar and Land Rover models equipped with InControl apps. Users still need an Apple or Android smartphone capable of running Tile too, of course.

So far, automotive app integration has mainly focused on apps that are specifically relevant to driving, like music services. But in their quest to turn cars into four-wheeled smartphones to meet apparent customer demand, automakers are looking farther afield. Mercedes-Benz has a partnership with Nest, and Ford is preparing to add Amazon Echo smart-home compatibility to its Sync infotainment systems.

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