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Baddie mobile: Jaguar’s scrapped C-X75 supercar may only live twice in 007: Spectre

jaguars scrapped c x75 rumored to appear in 007 spectre jaguar 1
With the announcement of the latest installment of the James Bond films, Spectre, we were teased with the fact that the double-0 agent will have a new Aston Martin on hand for wherever his adventures to defend queen and country may take him. If sources close to Autocar can be trusted, then the main baddie in the upcoming film may have something decidedly villainous to match Bond’s DB10.

The rumor states that Bond’s antagonist will drive a Jaguar C-X75, aka ‘baddie,’ a supercar by the luxury car manufacturer that would give the Ferrari LaFerrari a run for its money, if Jaguar hadn’t scrapped the project. The C-X75 would’ve been powered by a hybrid powertrain that produced upwards of 850 horsepower and raced up to a 220-mph top speed.

Jaguar C-X75 5

Only five C-X75 prototypes are known to exist, which even makes sense, plot-wise: If you’re the head of a nefarious multinational organization conducting enough malice that James Bond is sent after you, snatching up a grounded quintet of ultra-rare Jaguar supercars for your fleet would be at the top of your to-do list.

It’s almost too perfect a fit, considering that Jaguar has been marketing its lineup since the F-TYPE launch with the “It’s good to be bad” slogan, highlighting the equally unparalleled way that Brits portray the best bad guys.

Jaguars have been seen several times in the James Bond series, servicing both good and bad alike. In the recent Skyfall, a Jaguar XJ L was the car that shuttled M, the head of the MI6 intelligence agency while in Die Another Day, a convertible XKR battled Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish in the film’s climactic finisher throughout an ice palace. Let’s hope Jag’s latest showing makes a little bit more sense than that last one.

Either way, when Spectre makes its debut on November 6th, when it comes to heroes and villain’s cars, we’ll be rooting for the bad guy.

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