James Bond inspired Aston Martin boat concept

The iconic marriage of James Bond and Aston Martin is one that has proven inseparable over the years. And while 007 has certainly dabbled with as many cars as he has women, none come close to matching that level of harmony than an Aston Martin. What happens though when Bond ventures off land? One designer has sought to solve that riddle with the Aston Martin speed boat concept you see here.

Dubbed the Voyage, the 55-foot speedboat is the brainchild of naval architect and Aston Martin owner Luiz de Basto. The name follows the the traditional Aston Martin nomenclature exhibited in the Vantage, Vanquish, Virage, and Volante models. The similarities don’t end there though, with design elements echoing the British automaker’s famed GTs — including a grille shape that has been interpreted into the windshield among other familiar design aspects.

While it’s not certain that we will see Daniel Craig captaining one of these in a future Bond film, it certainly should be his vessel of choice should he take to the high seas.