Kahn’s End Edition is a murdered-out tribute to the last Land Rover Defender

British Land Rover tuner Kahn Design has introduced a limited-edition model that commemorates the end of the Defender’s illustrious production run.

Appropriately called End Edition, the off-roader is based on the long-wheelbase Defender 110. It gains a full body kit that includes plastic cladding on the fenders and on the quarter panels, new lights on both ends, and a redesigned grille that gives the End Edition a more menacing-looking front end than the base Defender. Twenty-inch, five-spoke alloy wheels are tucked under the flared fenders, and the whole truck is painted in flat black for a murdered-out appearance.

Inside, Kahn’s Chelsea Truck Company sub-division has done its best to mask the Defender’s purely utilitarian roots by adding bucket seats upholstered with quilted and perforated leather upholstery, a custom steering wheel, pedals crafted out of machined aluminum, and a specific instrument cluster with a red tachometer. The End Edition celebrates British craftsmanship with a Churchill clock built into the dash, but it also boasts modern niceties that the base lacks such as a navigation system.

Kahn hasn’t made any major mechanical modifications to the End Edition. The truck remains powered by a 2.2-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder engine borrowed from the Defender parts bin that makes 122 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque in its most basic state of tune. However, the tuner explains that more power can be unlocked by simply plugging in the Kahn Power Upgrade, a new unit that promises to remap the oil-burner to boost both performance and fuel economy. Full technical specifications haven’t been published yet.

A six-speed manual transmission sends power to all four wheels via a two-speed transfer case. Although it puts an unabashed focus on opulence, the truck goes far off the beaten path thanks to a lifted suspension system and skid plates on both ends.

The very first Defender End Edition built by Kahn is on sale now for £55,999, a sum that converts to a little over $80,000. Kahn hasn’t revealed how many examples it plans on building.

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