Land Rover pushes for more global brand distinctions with new vehicles, revised Defenders

land rover pushes for more global brand distinctions with new vehicles blue

Land Rover has revealed that when the all-new replacement for the Freelander hits the market, the SUV will become part of the brand’s Discovery nameplate, according to AutoCar.

While no longer used in the United States, the Freelander name has continued to be used in other markets since it first appeared in 1997. In the U.S. market, the Freelander and Discovery are currently known as LR2 and LR4.

The U.K. news source reports that move to launch the new Freelander replacement under  Discovery is aimed at helping Land Rover better define its three nameplates with  Discovery being the more rugged of the three.  The new vehicle will reportedly be based on an extended version of the Evoque platform.

The new Discovery line-up will also include two flagship models based on the Range Rover’s PLA all-aluminum architecture, notes AutoCar. Powered by a range of new four-cylinder engines, the replacement for the Freelander will include two models — a five-seater and seven-seater.

In addition, Land Rover is also planning to replace the Defender line-up with a range of “super-rugged vehicles,” reports AutoCar. Range Rover will remain the brand’s luxury nameplate with a new Range Rover Sport expected in the near future, notes the news source.