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Land Rover mega road trips show you parts of the globe you only see on TV

Land Rover road trip Utah
Land Rover engineers and builds SUVs to hit the trail, but owners are sometimes reluctant to go off the beaten path on their own. The British company is organizing two mega road trips in the United States and in Africa, respectively, to show budding adventurers just how capable its newest Discovery really is.

The Namibia Adventure takes place in — you guessed it — Namibia, a nation located on the south-western coast of Africa. Land Rover promises participants will embark on a memorable eight-day trip through some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. The itinerary will take them across epic sand dunes, through the Etosha National Park, and to the region where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. Land Rover placed an emphasis on wildlife, so bringing a camera is a must.

The Utah Adventure is geared toward hardcore off-road enthusiasts. Starting in Moab, the Mecca of four-wheeling, participants will explore the Arches and Canyonlands national parks as they push the Discovery to the limit on some of the nation’s most challenging — and scenic — trails.

Land Rover will provide the car; you don’t even need to be a Discovery owner to participate. The company told Digital Trends it is sending five cars on the Namibia trip, and participants need to travel in pairs, so there are only 10 front seats available. A third and a fourth person can be booked into a car upon request. There are 16 spots in eight cars available for the trip to the Beehive State.

“Adventure plays a key part in what makes for an exhilarating drive — whether it be an iconic road trip or on the road-less-traveled. To do this from behind the wheel of the new Discovery makes it unique. These driving adventures will offer an exceptional driving experience where our customers will get the chance to push the vehicle to its limits and enjoy unforgettable surroundings,” explained Mark Cameron, Land Rover’s global experiential marketing director.

If either of those events sound like the trip of a lifetime, read on. The Namibia Adventure will kick off on May 1, 2018. Pricing starts at about $7,000 per person, a figure that includes driving activities, accommodation, meals, and airport transfers. Flights and personal arrangements are not included in the price. The Utah Adventure starts on October 21, 2017, and pricing starts at roughly $5,300 per person. Again, flights and personal expenses are extra. Alternatively, if you’re more into staying on the pavement, check out the annual Lamborghini Italian Tour for an equally unforgettable experience.

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