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The LAPD scores a patrol car fit for Rodeo Drive with its new Lamborghini Gallardo

By now, every gearhead should know about the Dubai Police and its fantasy fleet of exotic cop cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador.

Sadly, U.S. police departments haven’t had the resources for a publicity stunt like that. Until now.

Car and Driver reports that the Los Angeles Police Department now has a black-and-white Lambo to call its own and, no, parking fines in the City of Angels haven’t been raised to historic highs.

That’s because this Lamborghini Gallardo is on loan from Nathalie and Travis Marg, the owners of telecommunications contractor Light Source 1. It’s police livery is a removable vinyl wrap, and presumably this supercar will get slightly better treatment than the LAPD’s aging fleet of Ford Crown Victorias.

Like the Dubai Police’s exotic-car collection, the LAPD Gallardo will be used for public-relations purposes, specifically charity events conducted by the LAPD air-support team. Its 5.2-liter V10 wouldn’t be very useful in the city’s notorious traffic, anyway.

Supercar spotters will also note that this isn’t the latest and greatest Lamborghini. It’s an early-model Gallardo, so it doesn’t feature any of the cosmetic or performance enhancements different versions of Lambo’s “entry-level” model received during its 10-year run.

Perhaps the LAPD will find a party willing to loan it a new 2015 Huracán LP610-4. Until then, a Lamborghini is still a Lamborghini.

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