Lexus’s LFA successor will be a mid-engined, all-wheel drive hybrid with BMW engineering

Lexus LFA

It’s been a while since rumors of Lexus’s LFA supercar successor have cropped up online. Now Motoring is reporting that, with BMW’s help, Lexus will get its halo car mojo back.

Interestingly, it may be BMW who is most interested in developing a high performance model, as Motoring’s sources claim, “BMW is getting trounced in the PR war of words in Germany with Audi coming straight out and saying that BMW does not have a supercar whereas Audi does.”

The story of BMW’s desire for a halo car matches up with news that BMW and McLaren are also developing a supercar together. For clarity, the news of the BMW-Lexus project is separate and distinct from the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 successor partner project.

Toyota and BMW have reportedly developed a mid-engined aluminum space frame and carbon fiber platform with permanent all-wheel drive. Powering the BMW model will be the combination of a BMW straight-six cylinder engine sending motivation to the rear wheels while two electric motors will power the front wheels.

The electric powertrain components for both cars will be sourced from Toyota’s TS040 race car that competes in Le Mans. Lexus’s supercar will pair a 3.7-liter V8 with the electric motors for a total of 800 hp. BMW’s model should make about the same power from its hybrid setup.

Motoring’s source went on to say that, “while 1,000 horsepower is possible, fuel consumption, emissions concerns and engine tolerance figures will see a more realistic figure of 800 horsepower targeted.”

BMW was attracted to Lexus’s work on the original LFA supercar, which, though produced in the heart of the financial crisis, and still managed to be one of the most exciting vehicles of the period. Also, because BMW has been pleased with the work Toyota has put into the BMW Z4 successor, an additional performance vehicle partnership made sense.

Should everything pan out, we can expect the Lexus/BMW supercar to debut in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.