Lexus looks to take on M3 with new F model debuting in Detroit

lexus looks take m3 new f model debuting detroit teaser

The Lexus IS-F has been the unloved step-child of the sports sedan world for much of its life, through no fault of its own. It has been a good car but it has been lost in a sea of S4s, M3s, and Mercedes AMGs. This hasn’t stopped Lexus, though, because it is about to introduce a new one.

The new Lexus F – I assume the IS has been dropped for lightness – will debut at the North American International Auto Show next month in Detroit. So far, Lexus’s PR people have been pretty skimpy with the details but we do know that it will contain many new marketing terms. More importantly it is, or at least so Lexus claims, going to be engineered new “from the ground up.”

Lexus hasn’t specifically said that the new F will be replacing the current IS-F, but a completely new car makes sense, as the old one is getting a bit long in the tooth. And the sales figures are looking a bit ominous. The entire IS range sold less than 30,000 units globally in 2012, the first time that had happened since 2005.

A new Lexus F could not only help bring those sales figures up, but also finally be a real alternative to the German sports sedans. Check back with us as we learn more about the new Lexus F at or before the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.