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New Model 3 ‘takes out the baby fat,’ Tesla designer says in new video

Tesla’s upgraded Model 3 sedan has been available in the U.S. since last month, and on Wednesday, designers and engineers at the automaker appeared in a video (below) showing off the refreshed design.

Upgraded Model 3 | Design & Engineering Walkthrough

The Model 3 launched in 2017 and is Tesla’s most affordable electric vehicle. The refresh was a long time coming and should help retain Model 3’s popularity going forward.

One of the vehicle designers in the video says they “took out what I call the baby fat” from the original design to create a “slippery silhouette” that’s like “a refined athlete.”

Split lines have been removed from the rear of the Model 3 to give a cleaner look, and new colors for the vehicle include a striking “Ultra Red” and an impactful “Stealth Gray.”

Tesla also claims to have made the Model 3 quieter when you jump inside and close the door, a feat achieved in part by the addition of a small ramp on the edge of the hood that helps to deflect the wind better when traveling at high speed, and even low speed, too.

Designers went to town on the interior, making subtle but noticeable changes that enhanced things like the wraparound feel and LED lighting effects. Notably, a display has been added to the second row of the Model 3 that means passengers in the back can now control the climate inside the car and adjust the seat heaters, among other things.

Ventilated front seats were among customers’ most requested features, and that’s been added to the refreshed Model 3. And an improved steering wheel with haptic interface controls is also part of the package.

Digital Trends has an article taking a more detailed look at the Model 3 improvements.

Tesla recently lost its electric-vehicle sales crown to Chinese auto giant BYD, so the Elon Musk-led company hopes that the refreshed Model 3 can help it retain healthy shipments in the face of ever-increasing competition in the sector.

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