A bee sting never felt so good: Vortech’s 605 hp Project Yellow Jacket Mustang

lucky sema vortechs 605 horsepower yellow jacket mustang is coming vortech

Welcome to the angriest Mustang ever made.

Thank god for Vortech, for it has given us a truly fun Mustang. The Yellow Jacket was developed after the tuning specialists from Vortech heard that there wouldn’t be any yellow paint in the 2014 Mustang line up, Project Yellow Jacket Mustang is probably the best overreaction in recent automotive history.

The main addition that turns the regular Mustang into the Project Yellow Jacket Mustang is a very large and buzzy V-3 Si supercharger, putting out 7.5 psi of boost. Which is probably enough to pressure wash your deck with gasoline. Coincidentally, I have always thought that superchargers sound like a nest of angry wasps, so I think the name is very appropriate.

Naming aside, the results are impressive; the 5.0 liter Coyote V8 now puts out 605 horsepower and 473 pound-feet of torque.

That means the fine folks at Vortech managed to tape an additional 200 wild horses to the eight-pot engine of this Mustang.

Thankfully, Vortech didn’t stop there. It fitted larger six piston brakes – an important feature when you are screaming for dear life at the end of your quarter mile – and uprated suspension so that you can enjoy all that power in the corners.

Just for kicks, Vortech also added new custom wheels, tires, and a carbon fiber body kit. If it weren’t yellow, I would expect Mad Max to step out of this thing, shotgun in hand.

The Yellow Jacket is bound for the SEMA auto show where it will foil Hyundai’s attempt to garner all of the attention, with the Legato concept, 1000 hp Genesis and Yellow Cake Veloster

There is no word if it will ever be put into any kind of production, but, for Mad Max’s sake, I sure hope it does.

Even if the new 2014 Mustang is coming with a broader-than-ever range of engines, including an EcoBoost 4 cylinder, I still think that post-apocalyptic lawmen are going to need something a bit more powerful.