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What do you call a leather and carbon fiber-clad Bugatti Veyron? A Mansory Vivere

How could someone possibly want a Bugatti Veyron to be even more decked out? I mean, the thing will blow its own tires off and drink its weight in gasoline in a matter of minutes. Oh well … the more bling the merrier.

The Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse finally gets a little attention from Mansory, the crazy witch doctors of the automotive tuning world. Just take a look at its Aventador LP700-4, if you don’t believe me. Mansory seems to think it is extremely difficult for Bugatti owners to answer questions like: “Should I go with the Buggati Blue and tan Napa leather interior?” Or “What should I choose, carbon fiber or aluminium?” Thankfully, the Vivere simply makes the best choice for them.

The exterior of the Vivere is covered in a superbly lacquered carbon fiber. Other nit-pick options include a new inner front grill, shortened hood, larger side scoops, a spoiler package that provides new diffusers, front apron, etc … you get the point. Even the headlight and taillight clusters are new LED versions and, as you may have guessed, Mansory would not dare leave the Veyron alone without a set of shiny new rims.

The interior is of course entirely re-upholstered and decked out in carbon fiber glory. Mansory’s version of Pimp My Ride wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious new LED lighting system to illuminate the cockpit.

If an 8.0-liter W16 engine producing 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque isn’t enough for anyone in this world, I don’t know what is. I will have to admit, surprisingly, that having all of that glorious engine in a package perfectly suited to my every stylish need is, indeed, pretty darn cool.

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