Achievement unlocked: Mazda to reveal new car over Xbox Live

Mazda concept

Mazda and Microsoft are teaming up to bring a digital event of massive proportions to Xbox Live.

On June 26, Xbox users can log into their Live account and witness not only the unveiling of a new Mazda vehicle, but a live performance from the band Metric as well as the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes for the chance at winning a $2,500 for a trip to a music event. Mazda and Xbox have also created the hashtag #GAMECHANGER so that fans can join in on the conversation during the show.

“It’s a digitally connected world, so what better way to reach our customers than through a connected platform like Xbox,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing for Mazda, in a press release. “We were looking for a way to launch a global product and tie together our five separate reveals. Xbox not only gave us the platform, but allowed us to leverage our digital assets to drive a global audience to view the event.”

Festivities begin at 9:00 PM EDT and will stream globally. For those of you across the planet, reveals will also be held in St. Petersburg, Istanbul, and London.

If that weren’t enough, just for participating in the event, Xbox Live subscribers will receive a #GAMECHANGER t-shirt for their avatar.

So what car will Mazda be unveiling? The Japanese automaker hasn’t revealed that tidbit just yet. But if you’re hoping for the new MX-5, keep dreaming. The Alfa Romeo co-designed bad boy won’t be out until 2015.

Maybe an RX-9, you say? Again, doubtful. No, our money is on a new Mazda6 Speed. It’s more exciting than you think, though. The last Mazda6 Speed was uproarious good fun and with the new platform underpinning the new Mazda6, a next-gen could be a real screamer.

Interested parties can obtain more information at and Even if you’re not that keen on a new Mazda, you owe it to your avatar to attend for the shirt alone.